Check out our plenaries for teen audiences and their teachers and parents.

Teen Re-Boot:  Let’s get them up and re-booting.  After all, they reboot (update, restart, defrag) all of their tech and they get why they need to do that.  So, why not themselves, too?  They’ll re-boot for re-leasing tension and activating re-laxation in order to rise.

Teen Re-Cycle:  Negative thoughts re-run again and again in our brains until they imprint in loops and cycles. Eliminating these thoughts all together isn’t the answer.  Responding to them by affirming the positive is. he negativity.  They’ll learn to re-think how to deal with negativity and to and how to re-cycle thoughts into the positive.

Teen Re-Claim:   Getting present is really hard for all of us, but especially for teenagers who’s brains are exuberant and keyed into the tech world.   They’ll learn breathing and mindfulness methods that re-claim the present moment and therefore focus, attention and peace.

Faculty Re-Fresh:  Your resilience imperative:  bust stress, activate relaxation, and boost vital energy.   Building resilience – presence, response vs reaction, inner command, and positive-mindedness in adversity – is the key to re-freshing, reducing Compassion Fatigue and renewing your passion, patience, and endurance.    * Note:  We are happy to apply for CEU’s with you, as we have always been approved.

Parent Re-scue:  Connecting with your teen isn’t impossible, even though it seems like it at times.  Get a glimpse into the teen brain, motivation and behavior and you’ll understand and ‘get them’ from where they are right now.  Walk away infused with tips and ideas about how to re-scue your sanity and energy, as you re-connect with your teen.

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