Integrate various plenary topics and/or modules to build your custom Teen program with us.  Your teens will gain real-world tips, tools, ideas, methods, and practices for navigating stress in healthy ways. They’ll take with them a personal and sustainable toolbox of immediately usable skills for improving resilience, focus, calm energy, performance, self-esteem, and well-being.

Frequently requested modules for custom program include the following:

  • physiology of stress and relaxation in the brain and the body
  • combatting the toxic impact of sustained stress on health and performance
  • busting out of stress-mode and breathing into relaxation mode
  • getting present and bringing the brain into the moment with the body
  • realizing and owning inner strengths and activating them in the world
  • neuroplasticity and the exuberant teen brain
  • harnessing positive-mindedness by affirming the good
  • rising through gratitude, music, play, compassion, and generosity

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