Stress. Anxiety. Anger. Depression. Loneliness. Sleeplessness. Each one is rising amongst our teens at unprecedented rates.  We’ve got to reach them where it counts – where they are right now in this modern-day world.

Let’s get real with them by collaborating on a tailored program for your school, group or spot. We love to bring our hands-on, fun, validating, engaging, motivating, “real and jamming” (so they tell us!) programs to you.

We’ll dig deep into inner resilience and the ways to build it in order to combat stress, anxiety, anger, fear, negativity, overwhelming sadness, and a lack of genuine self-confidence.  We’ll explore the scientifically based, compelling reasons to use this cool (adj.): groovy; up-to-the-minute; chic; happening stuff.

Our teen programs range from four (4) hours in length to 16 hours in length.

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