“I am…”

“Cool Beans.” (favorite saying?)

“My faith, my family and my honey, and my furry boy” (most important things in life?) 

“You mean besides the one I’ve got? The lead singer in a band. Or, the drummer!” (dream job?)

“Anything so routine that it has to be done over and over again, like dishes, laundry and poop scooping” (biggest irritation?) 

“Brighter sunshine, a quieter brain, deep wisdom, better sleep, the ending to a parable I’ve been writing for years, great pizza…” (searching for?) 

“Cherry chapstick, tennis balls for my puppy, my worn-in Ugg slippers, steaming hot coffee, paper and pen…” (rarely see me without these?)

“Compassionate, intuitive, generous, faithful, kind, intelligent, creative, loving, honest, thoughtful…”  (“I am…” strengths of being)

“Noooo. I do often wish I had their peace of mind though!”  (does the bald head mean you’re a Buddhist Monk?)

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