Be moved.  Be inspired.  Need an uplifting, energizing, fun, motivating presentation for your meeting, conference, retreat, event, occasion…?  Our plenaries promise to do just that.

New Day Rising:  Far too many of us feel as though we’re falling down, back, behind… as the world demands faster, bigger, bolder, brighter, and more.  This plenary urges you to take care of your whole being as it leaves you excited to rise and become anew.

Bust, Breathe, Boost, and Be:   Tired but wired?  Wired but tired?  Sadly, this is our new norm.  It’s wreaking havoc on our physical, mental and emotional health.   This keynote is the key to combating the toxic impact of stress through busting, breathing, boosting and be-ing.

Today I Rise One Moment a Time:   The pace of modern-day life has our brains distracted and our thinking fragmented.  You’ll get to take time to reflect, reboot, rejuvenate, and restore as you engage in learning how we can focus our minds and rise into the present moment.

Being Extraordinary You: Being extraordinary is about honoring who you are as a human being and then sharing it. Experience the art of: chilling out as you’re infused with energy, taking command with poise and confidence, and passionately presenting yourself to the world.

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