“They’re saying…”

I am beyond grateful to connect, engage and collaborate with human beings from all walks of life.  Amongst the clients I’m honored to serve: Case Western Reserve University, Wlash Jesuit High School, Eaton Corp, Canisius Jesuit High School, University Hospitals, Loyola Blakefield, ADEC, St Martin Deporres High School, Elkhart Community Foundation, NorthCoast Health Care Management, ADNet, Jones Day, Baldwin Wallace, Laurel School, Jesuits Northeast Province, Chevrus High School, Fordham Prepatory School, SAE Fraternity,  Southwest General, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Lubrizol, Andrews Osborne Academy, Sherwin Williams, The Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association, BASF, MC Sign…

The teens are saying… 

“I gained many useful skills to help me cope with my stress.  And, I felt very understood by Heidi. Wish I had more time with this class.” (Junior, High School)

“She has such a positive spirit and is so encouraging. Keep doing what you’re doing Ms Heidi!”  (Junior, High School)

“Life changing character. I loved this class because of Heidi. Excellent beyond.” (Junior, High School)

“Chillllll…best lady ever.” (Sophomore, High School)

“I want to take this again and again and again – even if the content is exactly the same.” (Senior, High School)

“I really wish the program was longer because it really helped me calm down and deal with all my stress and my anxiety. Come back Ms Heidi!!!!”

The adults are saying…

“I’m buried in budgets and so much work, so I was driving home.  I literally turned my car around because I knew I needed to be here tonight – with the group and with you.”  (Academic Dean, CWRU)

“Heidi is passionate and generous with her knowledge and experience. She is doing what she was put on this Earth to do.” (Leader, UHHS)

“I’m so sad that this is the end of the series. I’ve learned far more than I expected. Heidi is great – very friendly and outgoing and cheerful.” (HR Director, Fortune 200)

“Heidi has a unique ability to provide valuable educational experiences for academic audiences.  She incorporates relevant research throughout her programs which adds depth and substance.  Her personality and energy create connections with program participants that enhance their learning. The stress management programs that Heidi offers have positively changed peoples’ daily behaviors and perspectives.”  (Medical Director, University)

“Her courses should be mandatory for all Human Beings.” (Attorney, Law Firm)

“Heidi is a wonder. She is doing what she was put on this Earth to do.” (Faculty, Academic Institution)

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