Every breath offers us the beautiful gift of renewal. 

Every breath unchains us from all that we no longer wish to carry and from all that lays ahead in the unknown.   

Each out breath empties us of our constant struggle and calls us to cease from suffering. Each in breath invites us to begin again anew and surrender to just this the moment.

Pause. Just for a moment. Put down whatever you’re holding. Find a place of comfort. Stop whatever else you’re doing. Invite quiet. Invite peace. Invite stillness. Your work isn’t going anywhere; it will wait. Your life is, though. Can it wait?   

Breathe out.  Allow your out breath to release you of all you no longer wish to carry or hold – all you no longer want.

Breathe in. Let your in breath refresh you. You deserve this moment in time. You deserve peace in your mind and comfort in your soul.    

Breathe out again.  Empty your body of all that is weathered, worn, weary, and used up.

Breathe in again. Claim that which you desire. Reclaim that which has been lost to you.  

Just breathe. Be in exactly as it is. You cannot do this wrong. You can only do this right. Take your time. Easy. Please, don’t work hard at this. You work hard all the time.  Steady. Aren’t you ready for this? Gentle. Kind. Reverent.

Now, wonder with me for a moment while you breathe out and you breathe in…

Wonder what it might be like to let your Breath do the heavy lifting today…

Wonder what it would be like to let go of the ‘fight’ right now. It isn’t quitting or giving up. It’s giving you your God-given right to rest.

Every breath welcomes the gift of the present and the blessings of the moment.

Every breath invites us to deeply listen to our Creator and to be in wonder of it all.

Breathe in and as you do say quietly and fiercely to yourself: “I am.”

Breathe out now and claim these words as your own as you do: “Renewed and Refreshed.”

Breathe in: “I am.”

Breathe out: “Resting and Restoring.”

Wonder about just this very moment in time…

Wonder how good it would be to just breathe like this for moments – just moments – every day. Aren’t you worthy of this?

Each breath calls us to be a new day rising, to be the “I am…” of our hearts and souls. Each breath bids us to choose peace within our beings, so we may choose peace with other beings.

Every breath calls us to madly and deeply love ourselves, so that we may madly and deeply love others.

Wonder about being Unchained from the ‘noise’ all around you.  Just this moment – it’s all you need to answer the call to come home to yourself.  

Each breath you take is a magnificent gift from God on High – a gift that strengthens and lifts you, that renews and graces you.

Breathe in: “I am.”

Breathe out: “This moment.”

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