Unchained II. “I am…”

Unchained. “I am a new day rising.”

It’s quite a visual isn’t it? But not as vivid and striking as our images of Chained. I think it’s because so many of us feel tethered, tied, confined, and bound to a life we didn’t intend, a life that somehow, somewhere interned us before we found the life we dreamed of living.


Maybe you’re chained to your brokenness with no idea how to feel whole again, without the belief that you even can, or ever did. Maybe you’re chained to a lack of hope – leaving you wrestling with futility, cynicism and helplessness. Perhaps you’re chained to the past, to anguish, regret, betrayal, loss… Or maybe it’s the future. You’re chained to your idealism of what will finally come someday; what you’re owed for your struggle; or, chained to anxiety of the unknown and fear of what may befall you next.


Maybe you’re chained to relationship that does not feed your soul and does not nourish your existence. Maybe you’re chained to a person that does not honor, cherish or respect you. Perhaps it’s a job you’re chained to, one that fills you with a nagging sense of inadequacy and diminishing self-value. Maybe you’re chained to expectations. No, not those of others, but the ones of yourself – must do more, should have more, need to be more… chained to a deeply penetrating experience of unworthiness and unimportance in the world.   Maybe you’re chained to busyness and a lack of stillness and rest. Or, perhaps your chains are to a lack of desire, to the feelings of emptiness, isolation or loneliness. Maybe you’re chained to the constant drone of voices in your own head, the ones that demean, demoralize, defeat, deflate you day after day, month after month, year after year.


And, then there’s the chains that tug and pull so hard you feel you’ll break in two (or three, or four…). There are the chains that pierce you with their jagged edges or wound you underneath their cold metal. And, there are the chains that suffocate you as their links are bound so tightly around you. Many of these chains you don’t know from when and where they came.

Whichever your chains, you are not alone. Whatever your chains, you deserve to break free.


Today, right now, be unchained – even for a moment. Breathe in. Imagine yourself free from your chains. Don’t try to figure it all out. Right now, that doesn’t matter.  Just imagine it in this moment.  Freedom from all that chains you. Breathe in again. Allow God to do the heavy lifting. Just breathe. You are free in this moment. This moment is exactly that, just a moment – but one you’ll never have again.  You are Unchained.  Whisper it to yourself. “I am Unchained.”  Yes, you are. You are a new day rising.

“I am a new day rising.”

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